domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

A Summary of my Final Project / Un resumen de mi projecto final

Being a technical university, the foreign language requirement at Universidad Simon Bolivar centers on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) which is taught as " Reading Skills" or as the name of the subject in Spanish reads "compresion lectora para la adquisicion de destrezas para material tecnico o cientifico". This is a basic requirement for undergraduate as well as graduate level. However in 2007 a Foreign language Education programme was implemented by Desarrollo Profesoral to help teachers with their English language requirements for their academic needs. My project is aimed at teachers who are in this programme. I will develop reading activity using the Internet where the teacher as well as the students have easy access to it and multimedia class rooms are available for these courses on campus. The objective of this project is for students to develop their reading skills by looking for and finding information on the web (pre determined by the teahcer)which they will eventually use for a final project of their choice. Each reading activity will have specific exercises such as vocabulary, reading comprehension, and/or critical thinking skills.Possible web tools: blogs,wikis, images and video. All this activity will allow for language study. Students can be assessed by carrying out specific language activites provided by the teacher.


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