viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

My ICT experience

To those of us who are not Information Technology fans, just dealing with a new computer program can be an ordeal. If you happen to be like me who learnt how to handle a pc and the corresponding software rather recently and gradually; you will be surprised at how far technology has advanced not only in general terms in our daily lives with devices and servicess (telephones, cameras,gadgets and so on) but how information technology is giving us 360 degree turn when it comes to the handling of information and how information is made available in a relatively short period of time. In the field of education and more specifically in language learning, technology and its related tools in information and communication has made enourmous strides and has gone beyond our imagination.

ICT in English Language Teaching (ELT)is a required course for those seeking a master´s degree in ELT at UCV. Most of us in this programme are practicing teachers and I must confess I was overwhelmed at first at not only the variety of tools available but also at the number of possibilites for communicating and teaching that each one has to offer. From a simple a 140 charcter message in Twitter to an interactive web site called Wiki that can carry a recorded message, a video and can be edited everyday to a virtual classroom that can be set up for any audience from anywhere the world with a tool called WIZIQ. It is an infinite universe that we at ELT have been exposed to thanks to the knowledge and effort of professor Evelyn Izquierdo who calls herself a ¨Web Head¨(Yes this is a new term which means web versed)and through her guidance, we have had 16 weeks to get to know, explore and apply all this fantastic information for ELT. At this course blog I would like to share my experience with all those who like my self are what I would call WEB YANOMAMI. Welcome!

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  1. Dear Julio,
    I am so proud of your work. I know the difficulties you have had to go over. Congratulations! You've done a very good job in spite of all obstacles. It was nice you read your report calling me 'Webhead'. Webheads in Action are members of an international community for English Teachers who use ICT in ELT. I am very proud to be one, and after this course I am sure you will become one too. :-))
    Today, more than ever, I feel a well rounded teacher. How do you feel after finishing the ICT course?
    My best wishes,